Each One, Reach One

Our Community Initiative

We have a vision to reach Warsaw with the love of Jesus! Our church is not just the four walls where we congregate, praise Jesus, and leave but we are the hands and feet of Jesus! We want to share His love everywhere we go!

We believe that each of us contributes to our community, making a better place for us to live.  When we support our school teams and cheer them on, when we pick up trash we see in parking lots, when we sing in the nursing homes or when we work together raising awareness for cancer research.  Together we make our community great!

It starts with each of us and spreads to all of us!

A few of the ways we are involved in our community...

After School Program

Many days after school kids go home, and what’s the first thing they do? You guessed it! Eat and turn on the T.V.  We have been providing an After School Program for students ages 5-12 since the beginning of the 2016 school year where the kids can play and have fun with their friends! Students are offered a safe place to play with their friends on the playground and in the gym, or in the game room, or even do crafts with their friends! We also provide a snack for them and homework help each week.  There is no qualification for this program, it is free to all kids!

Shoes to school kids

Through a non-profit organization we were able to distribute shoes to every child at North School

Other ways we enjoy serving our community!

Feeding the homeless

Caring for our local teachers and students

Partnering with local churches to share the Gospel

Serving in the community wide Easter Egg hunt

Participating in local parades and events

Assisting the Relay for Life fundraising

Sponsoring the local Pregnancy Resource Center


Jesus is My Super Hero