Check out all the great features of our Small Groups

We have been intentional with the design of our Small Groups. We want to encourage you to jump in and get involved. We will connect you with one of our Small Group leaders and they will reach out to you. We plan to have three 10 week sessions, with the summers off to allow for vacations. 

Sermon Based

First of all, our Small Groups will be Sermon based. This will encourage our  people to be a part of the Sunday morning experience as they prepare for the small group meeting that week.

Healthy Relationships 

Healthy relationships are the priority here. We are excited to get this started so those relationships can begin to form. We will be doing life together. Individuals can be there for each other as they walk through life.


Discipleship is another priority of the Church. We believe that discipleship can only happen as a result of those healthy relationships. Simply put, discipleship is learning to live like Jesus. In this process, one believer helps another believer what in looks like and how to.

Ministry is Multiplied

This is a very exciting aspect of discipleship. Small groups will provide plenty of opportunities for nearly everyone involved to do ministry. This would look like a group member calling another group member and asking how they are doing, or praying together, etc.

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