Mission & Values



Core Values


Life consists of relationships. This begins with a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, nurtured by prayer and worship. Through the love of God, we are to enjoy quality friendships with others inside the church body. We feel that it should not stop there, but that those who have experienced God’s love should connect with others outside the church, to simply be there for them and be the light of Jesus to them.

– Matthew 5:14-15; Luke 10:27


Jesus taught that we should serve others and not wait to be served. We desire to be a body of believers that values and serves the families of this community in tangible and relevant ways. We are a group called to love with actions, not just with words.

 – Mark 10:45; Luke 22:26


 We believe that it is our responsibility to teach others how to live for Jesus each day. The Bible is the source of all teaching, for it is our standard for living and gives us both our doctrine and mission. Also, we feel we are to pour into the next generation. We work to provide opportunities for every age group.

– Ephesians 4:11-12; 1 Timothy 3:16; Hebrews 4:12


We believe that God’s heart is for all people to come to know Him. With that in mind, it is our responsibility to point people to Jesus. We do that in several ways, by sharing our faith with others individually and giving so missionaries can go and share in areas we will never go.

– Matthew 28:19